Brandt Law PLLC is a firm focusing on providing legal services to companies of all sizes to serve either in lieu of in-house counsel or to supplement existing in-house legal personnel for strategic projects, volume overflow or specific areas of expertise. The firm's services are differentiated because of its business based perspective due to the familiarity of working with budgets, real employee situations and having a developed understanding of understanding and acting upon the acceptable risk profile of the company. Brandt Law PLLC looks to apply the law in a practical, business friendly and cost effective manner. 


Prior to its formation, Laura gained extensive experience in the field of retail fashion law serving as General Counsel for H&M, Syms, Filene's Basement, and, most recently providing services to the Burch Creative Capital brands of C. Wonder, Monika Chiang, Trademark and ED as Burch Creative Capital's General Counsel.  Laura has also held Associate General Counsel positions in the hospitality industry at Apple Core Hotels and in the private equity arena working for Ranieri & Co, Inc.   
A main focus of Laura's career has been real estate - acquisitions, dispositions, workouts and development as well as office, warehouse and retail leasing from both the landlord and tenant perspectives.  In addition, her varied career has involved the application of contract, labor and employment laws as well as compliance with assorted regulations including, but not limited to, SEC, FTC, ADA and OSHA in drafting policies, procedures and contracts, conducting employee and manager training and providing litigation oversight.  

Brandt Law PLLC can provide operational and strategic services in many areas to help you achieve your business goals.  Practice areas include, but are not limited to, contracts, licensing, leasing (retail, office, warehouse), entity formation and governance, policy drafting, manager and employee training, OSHA compliance, and asset acquisitions and dispositions.  

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